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Marathon? That wasn’t even a sprint.

Did I mention I’m not great with the planning, or rather the doing part of the planning? Can’t expect things to change overnight I guess. I did used to be much better at it though. One day, maybe, possibly, possibly not.

So remember that writing marathon I mentioned in my last post? The assignment for the first round was to write an original pick up line, one sentence with no dialogue, 20-50 words, and a 1-2 word title. I wrote one as soon as I received the assignment then workings of a few more over the week before narrowing it down to two and deciding which to submit. Here are the two options I had settled on.

No Regrets – You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I knew that if I did not come over to introduce myself and ask you for a date, I would forever regret it.

Mischief – This may be a crazy idea, but how about you give me your best pick up line and buy me a drink before we go to your place and see what kind of mischief we can get into?

I was torn between the two and asked a friend their opinion. I often ask her opinion on my writing as I know she will be honest with me, even if she doesn’t like something, and I trust her judgement. With her feedback in mind I submitted the first piece I wrote, No Regrets. My entry didn’t even qualify for public judging as it received no votes from the judges. None. Not a single one. That was rough but I completely understood why, it wasn’t that original. It was nice all but it just didn’t cut it. That was okay though because I was on to the next round anyway. No eliminations first round.

Round two. I received the assignment and wasn’t surprised at all to find it involved using someone else’s entry from the first round in a short story. I chose the entry and began to write. Still a little choppy I put it aside for a bit, then never got back to it. I flopped. I’m out. I forgot all about it and completely missed the deadline. All I had to do was submit something and I would have been guaranteed to make it through round three at least. All the deadlines are written in my calendar. There was even a reminder email sent. And I still forgot all about it.

That seems to be a thing for me this year in my post-Covid, or long Covid, world. My brain is foggy most of the time and I am forgetting so many things. Even at work. I wrote my notes during meetings and highlight things I need to do or follow up on, yet I still manage to miss doing them. That isn’t going to cut it for long and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m taking my meds and getting good rest. I’m not drinking alcohol or eating sweets (which now makes me feel hungover the same way alcohol does). I’m keeping my brain active with puzzles and mind games. I play this one game on my phone called Scramble. It’s just like Boggle but with more letters, 25 rather than 16. Remember that game? You have to make as many words as possible in two minutes using letters that are next to each other. I used to score very high on it, platinum trophies all around, but now get on average about 20 fewer words per game.

It is frustrating to no end. Not that I don’t do well on a game but yes, that I don’t do well on a game. I am very aware of my diminishing brain function. My doctor doesn’t seem to be concerned. “It will improve in time.” Maybe, but he can’t be certain. Many people who had Covid over a year ago are still dealing with this and other issues. I still have quite a few issues but this is the most noticeable to me as it isn’t something I already had worsening, it it something new. And of all the things that could happen to me as I get older, things related to my heart or arthritis, I never thought that my brain would stop working.

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